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Research Communication Services

Use our research communication services to effectively communicate your work to ensure it is not only discovered but also read and cited amidst the growing volume of published content has gained heightened significance. Now is the oppurtunity moment to enhance the visibility of your scientific work, and we offer a suite of services, including captivating infographics, impactful videos, and concise summaries, to facilitate just that. 

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Plain Language summary

Plain Language summary

Captivate a busy colleague or engage a broader community by ensuring your work garners attention. Craft a concise summary in plain language that distils the essence of your research into a 1-minute read, providing a synopsis relevant to a diverse audience. You can easily upload and share the impactful summary as is.
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Video Summary

Video Summary

Harness the power of visuals with a video – where a brief clip can convey volumes! Reach your target audience effectively through concise, engaging 2-minute animated videos. Our support kit includes a slide deck, video script, and audio file, making it ideal for effortless sharing on social media and significantly boosting visibility. 
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Present your work to the intended audience in an aesthetically pleasing format that promotes clear understanding. Instantly grasp the research context and core findings, simplifying intricate concepts for a non-academic audience. Benefit from visual distillation for effortless recall, complemented by journal/university branding. Perfect for sharing on social media, it becomes a seamless avenue for enhancing visibility.  
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Features of our Research Communication Services

Increase Public Engagement

Significantly enhance the outreach of your research to a wider audience. 

Boost Citation Potential

Increase the likelihood of citations by an impressive 40%, elevating the impact of your work. 

Impress Peers, Funders, and Media

Create a lasting impression on your colleagues, supporters, and the media through the presentation of visually striking and compelling content. 

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Why should you use our Research Communication Services?

Broaden your work's audience reach through strategic media engagement

Research articles accompanied by press releases not only secure increased citations but also garner valuable media coverage when presented appropriately. 

Effectively communicate your research within your field

Surprisingly, approximately 50% of published manuscripts go unread, with around 90% never receiving citations. Boosting outreach directly correlates with increased citations among experts and peers. 

Secure funding from the right sources

Elevate your research by presenting it in a concise yet comprehensible format, attracting the attention of potential funders and investors who are aligned with your work's goals and impact.

Advantages of choosing our Research Communication Services

All the features mentioned below are provided at no additional cost with all services.

100% Quality Guarantee and On-time Delivery:

If you are not satisfied with our work or, by any chance, the journal rejects the manuscript due to language issues, we will rework your document till it meets your expectations.    

24/7 Customer Service Support:

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help authors with any questions or requests and a faster resolution, ensuring that we are always present for your assistance.     

100% Confidentiality Guarantee:

We adhere to a privacy policy that guarantees 100% confidentiality and allows researchers worldwide to submit their work to us with complete confidence. We understand the importance of data security. That is why we have taken all measures necessary to ensure all your information is secure. All our IT security management systems are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 –certified. 

How it works

Reach wider audiences and maximize the impact of your research with our tailored research communication services. Get the recognition your work deserves.


Step 1

A subject matter expert reviews your manuscript thoroughly.

Step 2

An expert prepares the first draft of the of the service your choose.

Step 3

You recieve the first draft and review it and provide feedback if, any.

Step 4

You receive a final final with your feedback incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of scientific writers will communicate your research findings accurately using language that is easy-to-understand by non-experts. A senior reviewer will check the summary for quality assurance.
Our team of content writers, illustrators, and designers will work with you to render your article in a visually appealing format. We create high-quality graphics and use simplified text to convey the core findings and implications of your research such that even non-experts can understand your work.
Minor revisions including textual changes will be accommodated for free for you.
We take the confidentiality of your research seriously. Our employees are aware of the sensitive nature of the documents they handle and are obligated to sign confidentiality agreements that remain valid indefinitely. If necessary, we will also sign confidentiality agreements with you before we begin working together. Furthermore, our data security processes have been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. To ensure the security of your documents, we utilize a secure Online Job Management System, where only the assigned editor and your client manager can access your information.
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