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English Language Editing

Ease the challenges of adhering to technical journal guidelines with our language editing services. Authors, especially those for whom English is not their first language, may find managing language errors and formatting guidelines daunting, potentially affecting the publication process. Trust our subject-matter expert editors, well-versed in subject matter and journal guidelines, to carefully refine your manuscript. Their extensive publishing experience ensures your work aligns effortlessly with the standards of esteemed journals.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

Leverage the expertise of our subject-matter expert editors, who will meticulously refine the language and grammar of your manuscript, formatting it in accordance with the guidelines of your target journal. Receive a polished and well-formatted document that aligns seamlessly with the publication standards.
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Premium Editing

Premium Editing

Your manuscript undergoes meticulous and comprehensive editing by our senior editors, who will enhance your manuscript's language, structure, logic, flow, and presentation. This ensures your ideas are logically and coherently presented for publication in high-impact journals.
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Translation Services

Premium Editing Plus

Get thorough editing done by our experienced editors, who address language, structure, logic, flow, and presentation of your manuscript. Ensure clarity and consistency in your work with post-submission support, including response letter editing and cross-checking it with the revised manuscript. 
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Standard Editing
Advanced Editing
Premium Editing
Premium Editing Plus
Who should choose this service?
An author who wants a comprehensive language editing service for well-organized documents to finalize them for submission
An author who wants in-depth language editing services that ensure clarity, consistency, organization of the article, and feedback on the writing.
An author who wants an extensive editing service that ensures clarity, consistency, and organization of the article, feedback on the writing, and support with a journal response letter.

Primary Features

Refinements for grammar, terminology, word selection, and a native English tone. 
Presentation check (logic, clarity, and flow) 
Word count reduction
Up to 10% 
Up to 20% 
Up to 20% 
Journal-specific formatting 
for one journal
for one journal
for multiple journals
20% Word count reduction (helps you present your research in a more concise way, retaining the tone and voice of your research)
Customized cover letter 
Letter From the Editor 
Editing certificate (upon request)

Journal-Readiness Checks 

Journal response letter editing 
Comments on revisions you make based on peer review feedback 

Post- Submission Features 

Unlimited Q&A with editor 
Unlimited re-edits for 365 days 
60% discount
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Our Editors

Take advantage of our experienced subject-matter experts

Advantages of choosing our English Language Editing service

All the features mentioned below are provided at no additional cost with all services.

Editing Certificate:

At the time of manuscript submission, many international journals require an editing certificate from non-English-native authors. In order to enable a seamless submission journey, we issue such certificates for all manuscripts that we edit. 

Manuscript Editing by Subject-Matter Expertise:

Your document will be edited and reviewed by senior editors with subject-matter expertise, and most of them are published authors and peer reviewers in their own right as well as members of some of the world’s best editor societies, such as BELS and CSE. 

100% Quality Guarantee and On-time Delivery:

If you are not satisfied with our work or, by any chance, the journal rejects the manuscript due to language issues, we will rework your document till it meets your expectations. 

24/7 Customer Service Support:

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help authors with any questions or requests and a faster resolution, ensuring that we are always present for your assistance.    

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Step 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our professional English Language Editing service, we ensure that your manuscript is handled exclusively by a subject matter expert. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with substantial experience in both research and scholarly editing. Moreover, you can benefit from their expertise even after the editing process through our Client Questions service, allowing you to address any queries that may arise.
Our editors and writers undergo comprehensive training to elevate their skills, completing the Basic Editor Training (BET) program comprising five standard modules and other specialized courses. Medical writers receive focused training in guidelines like ICH-GCP, CONSORT, and ICMJE. Furthermore, all editors undergo extensive English language training, participating in external programs and workshops to stay current on grammar, punctuation, and writing styles in both American and British English.
We provide manuscript editing services tailored to meet the standards of leading international journals. Offering three levels of editing for academic research papers—Standard, Premium, or Premium Editing Plus—you can choose based on the desired level of detail for your manuscript. Your initial decision on the appropriate editing service sets the foundation for successfully publishing your work.
We can edit as per two English language styles: American English and British English. You can choose your preferred language style in the online submission form.
At World Scientific Author Services, we take the confidentiality of your research seriously. Our employees are aware of the sensitive nature of the documents they handle and are obligated to sign confidentiality agreements that remain valid indefinitely. If necessary, World Scientific Author Services will also sign confidentiality agreements with you before we begin working together. Furthermore, our data security processes have been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. To ensure the security of your documents, we utilize a secure Online Job Management System, where only the assigned editor and your client manager can access your information.
Human editing offers several distinct advantages over automated editing. Human editors possess contextual understanding, language proficiency, and subject matter expertise. They can adapt to individual needs, offer direct communication, and ensure quality control. Through personalized feedback, error detection, and flexible editing levels, they can enhance the overall quality of the document. While automated tools have their benefits, human editing provides a comprehensive and tailored approach to effectively improve written communication.
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